Army life was hard work – but when private Kimberly Smith was coerced into being part of a military experiment the results were downright beastly. In a series of agonizing procedures Kimberly was infused with living otherworldly metal and the DNA of a pit bull, slowly transforming her into River Map Single Soldier I.
And her bite is much worse than her bark. Massive, muscular and menacing, River Map Single Soldier I is not one for subtlety.
Regardless of whether she is blasting oncomers with her machine gun, or ripping the flesh off her still screaming enemies, Rivermap Single Soldier 1 has only one word throbbing through the maimed remnants of her mind: Destruction.
A true alpha dog, River Map Single Soldier I lair is bestrewed with the gnawed bones of her victims.

Special Skills

Chance of releasing Frenzy after losing more than 50 % health, increasing attack power by 500 %
and speed by 100 % for ten seconds.
River Map Single Soldier I must have The Hunger active if
Frenzy is to be used.
Reduced attack if afflicted by enchantment: Who’s a good girl

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