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    The set is character runes if you use teleport bracelets and take a mud staff. In 891 a pop, you can compute how fast there be needs to a full roundtrip into the wilderness convert them into bananas to collect bones in RuneScape gold the boneyard, and stuff them. With 1 for character runes 5 free inventory slots for bones/bananas, you’ve got 22 slots for baskets. Assuming the baskets are totally filled, that’s a complete of 19602 gold per trip. To overcome flour as a moneymaking method, you have to complete the entire excursion in (19602/300) seconds, which is 65, ignoring the price of character runes.

    Do I believe I collect 22 * 5 bones can get into the boneyard and convert them into bananas? Probably not. This scratches a money making source off. But. If I could discover something which dropped a large amount of bones (2-4+) that could be killed in one hit, then it will become a definite possibility again. The search continues. Its a good backup plan if flour ever halves in value though, or bananas spike. All I am saying is that the search for efficiency can in itself be extremely fun, that and/or I have troubles. Now I have to go investigate oranges.I have some questions after playing RS3 and OSRS

    I only got back to Runescape a couple of days back when I switched to GW2 and Tera after not having played since around 2012. I never expected RS to scratch my MMO itch again, but one of my friends recommended OSRS. I installed it, and I’m having a fun time so far! However, I was interested, since everybody craps on RS3 all the time it appears. I installed it, and it’s currently blowing me away so much better. I’m super pumped!

    My knowledge of Runescape is big predicated on the way it used to play, although I never experienced members so that I don’t know what all is different there either. Is it viable to play both games at precisely the same time? Not log in at the same time of course and enjoy them both? RS tended to have some grinding components (though very satisfying ones). I really don’t have a ton of time to dedicate.

    Just how much does members change this game compared OSRS? I understand where Runescape is different there, but logging in to RS3, I was in a place I had never seen before, and could never access. How unworthy does this make the material, if I used to get members? This goes for OSRS. Is there some point in my own grinding woodcutting up to earn money when I utilize those money and could simply get P2P making methods?

    Are there any settings or anything I should understand about/change from RS3? There appears to¬†buy RS gold be a lot. I have not got past the starting area, but I see all these windows about melee skills, ranged abilities, etc. Normally, I click an enemy and they perish. What all is new that will steamroll me? As I said, I’m super excited! I never knew Runescape could look like this!

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